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Our must-sees for the curious

Our must-sees gather the tours of Bordeaux. From the old town and its history to both ancient and contemporary architecture, we will help you discover Bordeaux and the French art of living, with options including the medieval quarter, the Golden Triangle, the Chartrons, and the former working-class district of Bacalan.



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Beyond its heritage and luxury, the Golden Triangle is a vibrant living area. The people of Bordeaux stroll through it with pleasure, enjoying its green spaces and lively squares. The district is perfectly suited for walking tours, allowing visitors to capture the essence of Bordeaux, a city of art and history, while enjoying its sweet lifestyle

Un Quartier Vivant et Accueillant - Place de la Bourse

Nos visites

Tastings, juicy anecdotes about history, we will take the time to show you the cool, historical spots, the places you absolutely must not miss.

Bordeaux Médiéval

Bordeaux is not only the world capital of wine; it is also a city with a rich medieval heritage, where every stone has a story to tell.

For history lovers, a simple walk through old Bordeaux reveals a labyrinth of narrow alleys, hidden squares, and half-timbered houses. Every corner seems to tell its own story, evoking a time when Bordeaux was a fortified city, vibrant with trade and craftsmanship.

La cathédrale St André - Chef-d'œuvre Gothique

Nos visites : Une Immersion dans le Passé

We offer thematic guided tours that will immerse you in the unique atmosphere of medieval Bordeaux. You will discover the city’s well-kept secrets, its history, and its legends.

Discover the fascinating history of Bordeaux. From its remarkable architecture to the stories of Eleanor of Aquitaine, through the myths and legends of our region, each visit is a dive into a rich and captivating past.


The Chartrons embody the spirit of Bordeaux: a harmonious mix of tradition and modernity, history and contemporary life.

The history of the Chartrons is intimately linked to the wine trade. From the 17th to the 19th century, the district was the residential and business area for wine merchants, attracting merchant communities from all over Europe. This prosperous period left a legacy of magnificent homes and warehouses lining its streets and squares, reflecting the prosperity of its former residents.

L'ancien quartier marchant, centre du vin mondial

Les bons coins

From its fascinating history to its contemporary effervescence, we will guide you through Les Chartrons, the beating heart of Bordeaux. Whether you are drawn by its historical past, its cultural dynamism, or its friendly atmosphere, this district has something to offer everyone. Explore streets rich in history, discover modern art galleries, and enjoy unique cafes and shops. Les Chartrons embody the spirit of Bordeaux, blending tradition and modernity harmoniously.


Bacalan is an invitation to explore the evolution of a Bordeaux that, while valuing its past, is resolutely looking towards the future.

The City of Wine: The Jewel of Bacalan

The Bassins à Flot: Between History and Modernity

A Neighborhood of Life and Creativity

An Industrial Past

L'ancien quartier ouvrier

Nos visites à Bacalan

Guided tours to discover Bacalan, designed to reveal the many layers of this bustling neighborhood. We will take you through the history, architecture, culture, and futuristic projects that make Bacalan a unique example of urban reinvention.

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